About us

Lost Woods Art is operated from #24 101 Elm St, Valemount, British Columbia, Canada. Its owner operated by Justice Fontaine-Lohse. I strive to have my art products be made of quality material and feature artwork from 99% myself and the odd photo from my immediate family. These products are priced using the recommended price given by the supplier. They are print on demand, which while it does mean they cost a little bit more. They are better for the environment overall by reducing waste product. There will be products that are not print on demand, but nothing I carry personally will go to waste. It will al be repurposed or recycled properly. The signatures on the collectables I sell, are all verified initially upon signing, again by the place's I buy them from, I then verify them again by myself upon my receival of them using the company website of whomever initially verified the signature (Contact me if you have any issues and I'll be happy to help). I then price them at a bit below the average that I find online for that item. The coins are all collected by me from work and various sources and are priced the same as the collectables, a little below the average that I found online. The coins are all sanitized before shipping to as best possible reduce any transmission of any illness. The comics I'm still learning a bit about, so the pricing will be changing as I learn more and feel more confident selling them. But I've done my best to be as transparent as possible about the condition and any details about the comic in general. I've priced them based on the quality I think they are, and at a price around or below the average for the same comic that I found online. I also tried to take into my price consideration that till I'm able to get all my comics graded someone else should be able to buy one of my comics get it graded themselves and still make some money should they decide to sell it afterwards. Also this is my first business and website, so I really ask that you please bear with me with any errors such as missing promo info (Ex. "Its not a trick of your eye. This pattern is awesome" and its variants being the promo message on "Rorschach" products), but also any mistakes in general. I'm constantly updating pages and products, adding new suppliers and products, making new patterns and artwork, and taking new photos, whenever I can. So I'm gonna admit there's a chance I missed something or screwed something up. I promise you though, my hopeful long term customer and fan. That my website, My patterns and artwork, the print on demand products, and my products made by my own hands, will only get better and more professional with time.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns. Don't hesitate to use the contact us page. you can also reach out to me on social media, I'd prefer you contact the business pages (Available in the footer menu, or find links on the social page too), but if your having issues please message my personal pages. I'd rather talk to you and solve any issues then lose you. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks a bunch,

Owner-Operator-Artist-Customer Service

Justice Fontaine-Lohse